Selected Descendents
Roger Stallard of Woolhope, England

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The data shown in the family tree has been contributed by many family members.
Continued contributions help to keep data current and correct for generations to come.

After viewing the "Tree" on the following page, if you should want a copy, download the GEDCOM to your computer.  If you do not have the "Personal Ancestral File" genealogy software on your computer, you can do a free download  from the Mormon Church Site by clicking on the link on the page.
When you get to the Mormon Church Site, do the following:
Click on the tab, "Order/Download Products" tab.
Click on "Software Downloads - Free".
Click on the "Download" tab at "Personal Ancestral File -
Multi-Language (9.7 MB)"
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download.

You can use this software to not only view the GEDCOM you have just downloaded, but you can use the software to do your own genealogy work.


If you have any questions, comments, or data to add; E-Mail Kenny Stallard
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