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Vietnam Casualties; Kingsport, Tennessee
Excerpted from the CD of the same title produced by Kenny Stallard, 2004

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Adrian Lawrence Allen Jack Edward Lunsford
Jesse Harold Archer Joseph Lynn Meade
Karl Anthony Brown Willard Franklin Morelock
John William Dingus, Jr. William Guy Poole III
William Frank Dykes Robert Glen Price
Donald Frank Fletcher James Eddie Reed
Daniel Lee Gregg William Jackson Roberts
David Lee Hann Henry Earl Shelton
Jimmy Lynn Henry Robert Beryl Stafford
Herbert David Horner James Lafon Tarte
Jimmie Lewis Jones Douglas Burem Wade
Kenneth Eugene Lockhart Randall Douglas Yeary


Portrait Photos -- from indicated high school year books unless so noted.

Death Notices, Funeral Notices, Obituaries, News Articles -- Kingsport Times-News unless so indicated.

NARA Casualty Record -- From web site.

Photos of Cemetery Markers -- Kenny Stallard